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James Gilliland Transcript

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Below is an excerpt from the one hour + Q & A held with contactee James Gilliland of eceti.org, our special guest in Streamlink's Live Chat. Members can read the full transcript on this page (latter half of transcript).

Hi James....WHY Trout Lake? What is it about the area????

james gilliland
Trout lake has a long history of UFO activity and a base underneath the mountain. Kenneth Arnold made it famous with his sightings which he lost sight of on the western slopes of Mt Adams. police, rangers thousands of witnesses have seen them

James I was just on your site. When were you first contacted and were you instructed to set up the facilities you are now building?

james gilliland
Yes, I was building a retreat center for spiritual gatherings- had no idea about the ships and the ETs in the area. I had an NDE and was on a spiritual journey.

James, how interpersonal are your contacts and is there any interesting news from our visitors?

james gilliland
Contacts are very personal, very loving and uplifting. They care deeply about humanity and its evolution. They want us to grow spiritually, technologically and clean up our consciousness and environment.

Welcome James, was wondering what you think of David Icke's theories?

james gilliland
David has a lot of truth yet I think he goes a little overboard on the Lizzy issue. Humanity is very good at greed and control with or without the Lizzies

James..please tell us about yourself and your specialties.

james gilliland
There is nothing special about me, I am like everyone else just drowned myself and came back a lot more aware

I just want to say that I have a lot of respect for James. The work he is doing is multi faceted and is reaching in many directions toward a very good thing. Water for one, yes?? Hi James

James, do you believe in UFOs like John Lear does? That we are merely a container or experiment for them or are aliens earthlings a million years from now?

james gilliland
We are containers for spirit not ETs although there are many ETs in human containers. Your soul has been to many planes, many dimensions, and has had many containers.

Didge from Miami
Next time, I am going to choose a container on a more peaceful planet! :)

Tell me about healing technologies.

james gilliland
Meg, there are water technologies, crystallized oxygen etc that are quantum leaps in healing. www.aquariuswater.org is a good place to read up on it

I am in Washington State, where is your ranch?

james gilliland
It is in Trout Lake WA at the base of Mt Adams near the Yakima Reservation

Do you think UFO 's might be from our future?

james gilliland
Yes they are from our future, our past, other dimensions and interstellar. It is a big universe, a very busy one too

James, have you read Michael Heiser's The Facade and if so, what do you think of his conception of extraterrestrials as trans-dimensional beings rather than space-travelers?

james gilliland
Sorry not familiar with the work, they are interdimensional, interstellar and time travelers

Nancy not Lieder
Do you know Aluti Francesca? Claims to channel Hatonn, etc. Lives in Oregon, is it Sun Point?

james gilliland
Aluti has been to the ranch and has seen the ships, she is a very nice woman. I have not read her work, been real busy with the water projects

I think that homo sapiens sapiens has been around for millions of years according to some of George and Art's previous guests. would it not be conceivable that "WE" left a million or two years ago and now are returning home to see what happened?

james gilliland
Very good, some are returning to see what is left of the colonies

TN Lady
James - I have heard of more and more people, who are casually taking photos outside, do not notice anything unusual, but when they get their film developed they see a UFO in the sky of the photo. Why do you suppose that is? Are UFOs now moving so fast that we can't see them with the naked eye?

james gilliland
The ufos are often out of the range of out physical eyes yet cameras especially digital can pick up more of the light spectrum and peek into other dimensions occasionally.


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