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Japan to Develop Plan for UFO Encounters

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By Tim Binnall

In an intriguing development out of Japan, the country's Defense Minister indicated that they intend to develop a plan for how to respond should their armed forces encounter a UFO. The curious revelation was reportedly made by Taro Kono during a press conference on Tuesday. The impetus for the announcement appears to have been the Pentagon's decision to officially release three UFO videos earlier this week.

In response to the footage, Kono said that the country's armed forces "would like to establish procedures in the event an encounter is made with a UFO" and told the media that steps are being taken to formulate such a plan of action. He went on to note that, although the Japanese Air Force has not had any sightings of unidentified flying objects, they wish to be prepared in the event that such a scenario occurs.

"If video can be taken and if a report is possible, then a report will be made," he said of a hypothetical UFO encounter, promising that "discussions will be held with the Air Self-Defense Force about just what can be done." Kono also told reporters that officials with the Ministry of Defense plan to reach out to their American counterparts in the hopes of finding out more information on what the Pentagon has been able to discern about the mysterious craft seen in the footage.

Asked whether or not he believes in UFOs, presumably meaning those of the alien variety, Koro said that he does not. Curiously, a follow-up inquiry regarding supernatural or psychic phenomenon yielded the more furtive response of "that is a corporate secret." The decision to prepare for a possible UFO encounter is a remarkable contrast to the government's response to similar inquiries back in 2018 when the Prime Minister of Japan told the media that the country had no such plan and largely dismissed the phenomenon out of hand.


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