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Japanese MoD Issues Official Protocols for Pilots Who Encounter UFOs

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By Tim Binnall

The Japanese Ministry of Defense has announced official protocols for air force pilots who encounter UFOs. The decision to develop such a plan of action first came to light back in April when the country's Defense Minister, Taro Kono, told the press that the department was working to "establish procedures" for members of Japan's Air Self-Defense Force should they spot an anomalous object. At the time, he indicated that the creation of such protocols was directly influenced by the Pentagon's release of three tantalizing UFO videos, including the much-discussed 'Tic Tac' footage.

Now, approximately five months later, the Ministry of Defense has issued their newly-created UFO sighting instructions to pilots. According to a media report out of Japan, members of the country's Self-Defense Forces have been officially ordered to "record and photograph any such objects that they encounter or that enter Japanese airspace." They have also been instructed to "take steps for the 'necessary analysis' of the sightings, including information provided separately by the public."

The development of protocols for pilots who encounter UFOs is something of a dramatic shift in policy for Japan as, prior to now, the country had no plan of action for such events. And while it may be welcome news to UFO enthusiasts, Kono has told reporters in the past that he does not believe the phenomenon is indicative of aliens visiting the Earth. To that end, he explained that a major factor in coming up with the official procedures involved identifying "ever-advancing drone technology, that could pose a national security threat."

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