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Japanese Gov't Dismisses UFOs

Japanese Gov't Dismisses UFOs

The Japanese government has responded to an odd inquiry regarding whether or not UFOs are a threat to the country's national security and some may find their answer to be a tad bit worrisome.

A politician named Seiji Osaka spawned the strange statement after he raised questions about how the country would respond to an alien attack.

And, in a somewhat surprising turn of events, the cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe actually issued an official statement on the matter.

In the release, they stated that "we have not made any particular consideration of how to respond" should a UFO enter Japanese airspace much less attack the country.

The statement went on to stress that, when it comes to UFOs, "their existence has not been confirmed."

While some might take solace in this stance from the Japanese government, the outright dismissal of any threat surrounding UFOs may be rather unsettling to those who believe that the phenomenon exists.

Conspiracy theorists will likely argue that the boilerplate answer, which echoes a similar official government declaration in 2007, is merely another example of the global UFO cover-up.

Let's hope they are correct or else Japan will find itself woefully unprepared should an alien invasion ever unfold here on Earth.

Source: The Asahi Shimbun

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