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'Jersey Devil' Captured on Film?

A construction worker returning home from a job in Pennsylvania believes he and a friend may have spotted the infamous 'Jersey Devil.'

Going by the initials 'R.W.,' the man says that they noticed a strange creature lurking atop some trees as they drove down the highway.

According to the witness, the oddity sported both bat-like wings as well as a goat head, which eerily matches the description of the legendary entity known as the 'Jersey Devil.'

Apparently aware of the tale, the man's friend quickly took a picture of the creature as it flew away.

The astounded men suspected that that perhaps they were mistaken by what they saw, due to the weather and time of day, but upon seeing their photo the pair became certain that they had seen the notorious cryptid said to lurk in New Jersey's Pine Barrens.

Skeptics will no doubt suggest that the anomaly is merely a bat that looks more monstrous due to the angle and perspective of the photo.

While that may be the case, an even easier argument for why the construction workers did not photograph the 'Jersey Devil' can be made simply by pointing out that they took the photo in Pennsylvania.

Coast Insiders can learn more about the legend of the 'Jersey Devil' by checking out the 1/19/2009 edition of the program featuring author James McCloy.

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Source: Philly Voice

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