Jetpack Flier Spotted Near LAX Again

By Tim Binnall

The mysterious case of an individual spotted flying a jetpack near Los Angeles International Airport has deepened considerably following a second sighting of an unidentified flying person in the sky over LAX. The latest incident reportedly occurred on Wednesday afternoon when the crew aboard a China Airlines flight observed the aerial interloper. According to a statement released by the FAA, the witnesses saw "someone in a jet pack at an approximate altitude of 6,000 feet, about seven miles northwest of Los Angeles International Airport."

A clip of the conversation between the crew and the air traffic control tower indicated those tasked with keeping an eye on the skies were just as puzzled by the sighting as the people aboard the airliner after hearing that they had seen "a flying object like a flight suit." The person receiving the report responds by asking, "flying object? Was it a UAV or or was it a jet pack?" The air traffic controller subsequently contacted a different plane nearby about "a jet pack reported about seven miles west of you" and asked them to investigate the situation if they could.

It is uncertain if that other airliner managed to observe the unidentified flying person, but the FAA has enlisted the help of the FBI to look into the matter. This week's sighting follows a highly publicized incident in late August in which multiple pilots flying near LAX reported seeing "a guy in a jetpack." Whether Wednesday's sighting was of the same individual or a copycat is, of course, uncertain at this time, though one assumes that the authorities are working to answer that question and ultimately ground the audacious 'rocketeer' before they're seen again.


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