Jogger Encounters Ghost Sitting on Bench at Haunted Park in Singapore?

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By Tim Binnall

A woman out for a jog at a purportedly haunted park in Singapore encountered an eerie figure sitting on a bench and some suspect that the mysterious stranger may have been a ghost. The eerie incident reportedly took place at around 9:40 in the evening this past Sunday as Nur Umairah was running through the Pasir Ris Park, where local legend states that vampiric female spirits, known as pontianaks, reside. Although it initially seemed that the area was deserted, the jogger was taken aback when she noticed what appeared to be a woman sitting on a bench staring out at the water of the nearby Api Api River.

The strange sight was particularly perplexing to Umairah because it was pitch black where the stranger was located. Although she assumed the curious individual was merely another visitor to the park, despite the late hour and weird behavior, the jogger decided to snap a quick photo (which can be seen below) of the person. Upon resuming her run, Umairah says, she suddenly began hearing a voice that was saying "Mai," which is the shortened form of her name.

This understandably unnerved Umairah recalled that "I had goosebumps and the hair at the back of my neck stood." As to the source of the voice, she mused that "I know it wasn't a human because there was no one else around." Now considerably frightened by what she was experiencing, Umairah phoned her husband in order to have some sense of comfort and distraction from the situation, while also reciting prayers in her head in the hopes of warding off whatever sinister force she may have encountered.

Fortunately, Umairah made it home safely and subsequently uploaded the picture to social media. Adding one final layer of creepiness to the entire affair, friends who looked at the image noted something rather strange about it: the woman's legs could not be seen. Coupled with the location's reputation as a haunted hot spot, it has been suggested that the mysterious stranger sitting on the bench may have been a pontianak or perhaps some other kind of ghost. What's your take on the weird image? Share your thoughts at the C2C Facebook page.


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