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Below are excerpts from last week's one hour + Q & A with the always controversial John Lear(1), our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat. Members can read/print the full transcript(3).
John, what anti-gravity drive systems are being tested, and where might we see them?

John Lear
Lear, Inc. my father's company was a major contractor to gravity shielding in 1952. We had anti-grav all figured out in 1956. I imagine that it is pretty far advanced by now.

Is our solar system inhabited by human beings?

John Lear
Every single planet is inhabited by folks just like us-- the only difference being is that we are the only ones that wake up in the morning looking for somebody to kill.

Have you seen a UFO or have you ever had a missing time episode?

John Lear
I have seen a UFO on several occasions. Once from a Lear Jet, once with Bob Lazar and once from an L-1011. No missing time.

If a back yard mechanic/tinkerer were to set out on the mission of creating something that does anti-gravity, would he be successful or would he need exotic materials not available to the common person?

John Lear
No, he needs exotic stuff.

John, tell me more about the faked moon landing.

John Lear
I was a dedicated, loyal and faithful Apollo hugger until I watched the Apollo 15 and 17 landing tapes. Fake. Fake. Fake. They never went. IT was a hoax. There is lots more to it.

When did you start believing that the Apollo landing was faked?

John Lear
About 6 weeks ago when Zorgon emailed me the NASA videos of Apollo 15 and 17 landing and asked me to watch them. I watched and listen to the scripted dialogue. I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I said to myself, "They faked it."

Have you seen with your own eyes any of these "people" living in the Solar System? Do they come to Earth?

John Lear
Aliens are all over the place. They are at the mall, in the casinos, they are all around. You can't really tell. I have probably seen one but was not aware of it.

Raymond - TX
Mr. Lear, there are a lot of books and resources out there that purport to tell us secret stuff and hidden truths. What kinds of books or videos have you seen/read that provide the best information and are closest to the truth as you know it? That would benefit a reader seeking new/hidden truths?

John Lear
You Are Being Lied To by Russ Kick. He covers a lot of it.

Can you tell us more about the more about the "soul collector" on the moon?

John Lear
I believe that the tower in the Sinus Medii is at least one soul collector. Sleeper disagrees. After you die you go to a collector and your life, your pitiful life is reviewed with you. Then you come back for another try. You have to learn to live without envy, hate or greed or you ain't getting off this planet...

Who is Sleeper?

John Lear
Sleeper is the guy who had the 2 threads on ATS (Above Top Secret Forum), I'm Coming Clean on Extraterrestrials and Are ETs Real? As real as the Nose on your Face.

Why do you believe Sleeper?

John Lear
Because when I started reading his stuff it rang true for everything I have learned in the past 25 years. He is a no bs guy and tells it like it is.

Do you believe everything you say, or do you just pass along what you hear in case some of it is true?

John Lear
No, if I say it I believe it. If I don't believe it I will qualify the statement.

Any preference - Obama? McCain? ?

John Lear
Presidents are figureheads. They make only the decisions that are given to them. They know practically nothing about the real power or the real agenda.

John, of the professional pilots you've met, what percentage would you say believe UFOs exist?

John Lear
Maybe 5%, if that.

How are people living on the moon when there is no water on the moon?

John Lear
There is gravity, a breathable atmosphere, lakes, rivers, meadows, forests, snow capped mountains almost everything we have here. But it's on the far side. It is a secret. The biggest secret in the history of mankind.

What was the real reason the WTC was taken out?

John Lear
To have an excuse to go into Afghanistan and stop the Taliban from burning down the poppy fields. All black projects are financed with the cultivation, growing, harvesting, world wide distribution and sale of illegal drugs. Since we have been there, Afghani production went from 14% of the world's production in 2001 to 94% last September.

Do your wife and four children agree with the things you say?

John Lear
No, my wife is from Mississippi. My kids listen politely because I'm their Dad.

How would you imagine the future of mankind?

John Lear
It will all work out. No big disasters. Maybe someday we will all get along. There are billions of billions of other earths, identical to ours going through much the same growing pains. The universe is a big place.


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