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Joshua P. Warren Chat Excerpt

Joshua P. Warren Chat Excerpt

On Tuesday night, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren (pictured) of the L.E.M.U.R. (1) Team, joined Streamlink(2) members in a lively one-hour chat about his research into ghostly plasma and other phenomena. Below are some excerpts; members can view the entire transcript(3).
Joshua, what's the latest project you are working on?
Joshua P. Warren
Our team continues our research in the lab reproducing the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights--a fascinating phenomenon here in NC. Plus, we're continuing our ghost research. Next week, we'll be in the Bermuda Triangle.
How are you reproducing the lights?
Joshua P. Warren
We're duplicating the conditions found at the mountain in a special plasma chamber. By producing intersecting electrical discharges, we've been able to make "balls" of plasma that seem to hover in mid-air. In nature, they can look like ghosts or UFOs to the untrained eye...Strange lights were reported in the Triangle in 1492 by Columbus.
is that the same as ball lightning?
Joshua P. Warren
Yes, it is indeed like ball lightning.
What color are these plasma balls?
Joshua P. Warren
The plasma balls can come in a variety of colors--usually red, yellow, or white, though.
Joshua, what percentage of ghost/UFO/mysterious sightings do you think can be attributed to plasma?
Joshua P. Warren
I tend to think LOTS of paranormal phenomena can be attributed to these plasmas in nature. They can shift shape, glow in a spectral manner, hover and fly through the air, and even interact with a human's energy field. And, of course, they can suddenly vanish in a perplexing manner.
Do they explode or just kind of dissipate?
Joshua P. Warren
Usually, they simply wink out. However, they can explode in a rather dramatic fashion, even causing damage. I recently spoke to a physicist who told me of a witness who watched a ball of plasma disappear into his well with an explosion. The well system had to be replaced.
do you think it is possible to use the plasma as an energy source?
Joshua P. Warren
There are vast technological implications for understanding plasmas. They are evidence of tremendous energy being expended by the earth and could indeed be used as an energy source. Plus plasmas can be used for non-lethal weaponry, efficient wireless communication and transportation/propulsion.
What do you mean "can be used for non-lethal weaponry" etc. please explain - is anyone investigating these uses?
Joshua P. Warren
A ball of plasma can be produced and directed at a target. By adjusting the amount of voltage and the frequency, it could stun a person without causing permanent damage. There is currently research being done in this area.
What do you think about the Marfa lights?
Joshua P. Warren
Unfortunately, I've never been able to investigate the Marfa Lights. I've heard that some of them disappear as you walk toward them. If so, it sounds more like an optical illusion.
Joshua - How large can these plasma ball become? You said you think they might possibly explain many UFO sightings - they would have to be pretty large in order to do so.
Joshua P. Warren
These plasmas can become huge. We have footage that shows plasma orb swelling high above treetops--perhaps 30-50 feet in diameter. Of course, even a light the size of basketball, if seen hovering 20 feet above, may look large since the observer cannot accurately gauge the distance between them and the plasma.

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