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Joshua P. Warren Images 2-16-18

Joshua P. Warren Images 2-16-18

Joshua P. Warren has provided images related to his 2-16-18 discussion on strange happenings in Puerto Rico. For more info visit JoshuaPWarren.com.

Photo 1: Investigator Ellis captured this long-distance photo of a government airstrip near the Laguna Cartagena, known as the "UFO Lagoon" due to the objects seen traveling in and out of the water.

Photo 2: Traditional aircraft can be seen on the airstrip. Seconds later, a weird object suddenly appears in the background, to the left, behind the airplane.

Photo 3: Close-up of object

Photo 4: Many believe the object looks similar to the Luis Aymat photo of a OUFO captured near this same site in 2012; Inset: Close-up of OUFO

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