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Juno Eyes the 'Great Red Spot'

Jupiter's iconic crimson storm known as the 'Great Red Spot' can be seen in a whole new light thanks to a fresh series of images from NASA's Juno spacecraft.

As part of its swansong of maneuvers set to culminate later this year, the probe made an incredibly close pass over the storm, which measures twice the size of the Earth, earlier this week.

From 5,600 miles above the tantalizing tempest, Juno acquired a wealth of heretofore unavailable data from the storm using seven different types of instruments.

Among them, as you can see, was a camera which captured some truly breathtaking views of the storm which has swirled on Jupiter for over a century.

Information collected from this particular pass as well as later observations of the area will hopefully provide astronomers with answers to some of the vexing mysteries surrounding the storm such as the source of its color as well as the planetary conditions which make such a massive storm possible.

Source: Seeker

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