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Kentucky Woman Spots Bigfoot?

Kentucky Woman Spots Bigfoot?

By Tim Binnall

A woman in Kentucky reported an unsettling sighting of a seven-foot-tall creature which she likened to a walking tree! According to an area newspaper, the bizarre encounter occurred back in October when the unnamed witness and her husband were visiting family in the city of Sandy Hook and set out to run some errands one evening. The normally mundane task of driving to the store took a fantastic turn when she noticed something truly weird as they were on the road.

Vividly recalled in a report to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the woman recalled seeing something on the side of the road which she suspected was simply a deer. Before she could warn her husband, however, the witness saw that the oddity had started to walk and, she marveled, "at that moment I realized it had two legs, not four." As one can imagine, this prompted considerable consternation in the woman, who screamed out for her husband to turn on his high beams to get a better look at the creature that was quickly crossing the road in front of them.

Although her sighting was admittedly brief, the woman confidently observed that "this thing" was "very big in stature, thick legs, thick abdomen" and standing around seven feet tall. She also noted that the color of the creature was an "earthy-tone" which seemed to match the trees in that locale. In what one imagines is a particularly maddening experience, the woman says that only she saw the peculiar beast and that her husband merely spotted "a strange shadow." And, unfortunately, the incident was so brief that the witness was unable to discern much about the creature's face even though it did, purportedly, turn to look at their car.

Nonetheless, the witness stood by the details of her sighting in a subsequent interview with a BFRO investigator this month. Although the update to the case mentions that the woman "described it as a walking tree," it seems fairly certain that this is more of a comparison than an actual declaration and that, in this instance, Bigfoot appears to be the prime suspect for what the creature may have been. That conclusion is bolstered by other area residents who have reported a handful of somewhat similar sightings of 'tree-colored' creatures over the years.

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