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Kickstarter Campaign Aims to Study Strange Island

A group of filmmakers and researchers have launched a crowd sourcing campaign in order to raise funds to study a mysterious island in Argentina that allegedly moves.

The odd location, dubbed 'The Eye,' was purportedly discovered in February by Argentinian director Sergio Neuspillerm when he was scouting locations to film a movie.

Ironically, the planned film was about paranormal phenomena, but it was quickly abandoned as Neuspillerm became fascinated by the intriguing island.

An initial ground investigation of the swampy area where the island resides proved futile for the filmmaker, who could not reach the location amidst the thick marshy landscape.

However a second trip to 'The Eye' was successful, after an eight hour hike, and provided Neuspillerm will even more questions about the puzzling island.

According to the director, the water surrounding the island is clear and cold, which is unusual for the area, and the island is remarkably solid compared to its swampy surroundings.

Neuspillerm along with a civil engineer from New York and a telecommunications entrepreneur have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to perform an exhaustive investigation of the site.

Noting that locals have long associated the island with unexplained phenomena, Neuspillerm and his cohorts suspect that perhaps the site is more than a mere land formation.

While such a suggestions will certainly cause paranormal skeptics to bristle, the group should be commended for actually attempting to study the site rather than simply declaring it an alien base.

'The Eye Project' hopes to generate $50,000 through the campaign and have already amassed nearly $5,000 with over a month remaining to raise funds.

Neuspillerm says that the money will be used to both recruit top notch experts from a variety of scientific and esoteric fields as well as create a documentary about their quest to solve the mystery of 'The Eye.'

Based on the backstory of the island, we sincerely hope that the film does not end the same way the Blair Witch Project did.

Source: Daily Mail


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