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Knapp's News 2/22/14

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George Knapp shares several news items that have recently caught his attention, including articles on the Viking apocalypse, DHS's quest for a national license-plate recognition database, tsunami "ghost" stories from Japan and the possibility of alien life inside of atoms:

Are Super-Intelligent Aliens Hiding Within Our Atoms?
10 Mind-Bending Implications of the Many Worlds Theory
Jailed CIA Whistleblower Suffering Retaliation Tactics
Bizarre Tsunami Ghost Stories Haunt Japan
Homeland Security Seeking National License Plate Tracking System
Norse Myth Predicts World Will End This Saturday

Thanks to Bob K. for providing the image for Knapp's News

Last Night

Mark Anthony, the "Psychic Lawyer," discussed haunted real estate, including the infamous Lizzie Borden murder house, as well as communicating with the spirits of ancestors. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the show.

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