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Knapp's News 6/26/11

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A number of items have recently caught George Knapp's attention, including articles on Sasquatch footprints, 2010 UFO nuclear missile incident, and the skeptical viewpoint:

Sasquatch Family Group Footprints Reported and Examined in Northern New Mexico
If Roswell was extraterrestrial crash, can more details be released?
Leaving Facebook? You can try... but 'evil genius' social network won't make it easy
Robert Hastings: Unidentified Aerial Object Sighted During October 2010 Nuclear Missile Incident
Where the Jobs Aren't: 10 Doomed Industries
Reclaiming Skepticism
MUFON 2011 Symposium

Last Night

Brazilians in Magé reported seeing mysterious aerial objects on May 13. Several videos sparked speculation about a crashed UFO. Esoteric researcher Jonny Enoch joins Jimmy Church (Twitter) to discuss the validity of this case and what...

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