Knapp's News 1/17/21

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George Knapp shares items of recent interest including a piece about the looming deadline for a Pentagon report on UFOs:

Scientists Find a Meteorite That Could Reshape Our Understanding of Asteroids
Deadline Looms for Pentagon UFO Report
NSA and DIA Concerns About Telepathic Hypnosis: Top Secret
The Unsettling Truth About the ‘Mostly Harmless’ Hiker
Experts Discuss Ectoplasm and Materialization in Virtual Roundtable
Scientists Have Sequenced Dire Wolf DNA. Thanks, Science!

Last Night

UFO investigator Katie Griboski on the nature of UFO/UAP reports, and the obstacles in investigating them. Followed by screenwriter and producer Bryce Zabel, who discussed the fast-breaking developments in the UAP story.

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