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Knoll Down Formation

Knoll Down Formation

In tandem with her 8/30/12 appearance, Linda Moulton Howe shares two images concerning the high strangeness of the June 26, 2012, Knoll Down barley formation in the U.K. On the left is the strangely soft, almost blurry, formation from the air. Aerial © 2012 by Henry F. Mac.

She writes about the second photo (right): "Videotape from airplanes prove that the pattern was not there in the early morning and only appeared in late morning. As soon as it was reported by a pilot who had made several trips over the same field that morning when it was not there, Charles Mallett realized the circles had to have formed in daylight. He went as soon as he could to the site and found re-oriented growth nodes all through the barley pattern - a truly anomalous biochemical and biophysical change that has been associated only with formations made by something in the unseen."

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Knoll Down Formation Knoll Down Formation

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