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Legendary Bermuda Triangle Case Turns 70

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On December 5th, 1945, a squadron of five Navy bomber aircraft, designated as Flight 19, took part in a seemingly routine training exercise off the coast of Florida. Their final destination, however, would be in the annals of paranormal history as Flight 19 vanished inside the Bermuda Triangle.

In recognition of the 70th anniversary of the still-unsolved disappearance, Coast to Coast AM reached out to researcher Gian Quasar, author of Into the Bermuda Triangle, for his thoughts on this landmark case:

In some sense, it has been 70 years since the beginning of the Bermuda Triangle concept. Though that moniker would not be given to the area for 19 years, worldwide attention was drawn to the theory that planes and ships mysteriously vanish in a specific section of the North Atlantic on this day in 1945.

No less than five large warplanes vanished in unison. No trace was ever found of Flight 19. The world remained fascinated that an entire squadron could disappear. But time would prove it was not an entirely unique event.

No trace of hundreds of aircraft thereafter would be found. No trace of dozens and dozens of ships and pleasure craft. No trace of the occupants of dozens of small yachts.

Flight 19 remains linked with every craft that has vanished in the Triangle before and after.

For more from Gian Quasar on the mystery of Flight 19, check out this clip from his appearance on the 12/16/2003 edition of the program.

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