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Leprechaun-Like Entity Torments Family

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By Tim Binnall

In a bizarre story out of Trinidad, a family says that their lives have been torn asunder thanks to a sinister, leprechaun-like entity known in Caribbean folklore as a 'buck.' The high strangeness reportedly began seven months ago in the home of a man named Kr­ish­na Mathu­ra, who resides in the town of Gasparillo. According to him, his wife and son initially reported hearing a disembodied and menacing voice, but he did not realize the full extent of the proverbial haunting until he recently retired from his job.

No longer bound by work and, therefore, free to stay home, Mathura was astounded when he discovered that a buck had taken up residence there. Among the nefarious deeds attributed to the diminutive being were the death of racing pigeons being raised in the backyard of the property, the poisoning of the family's goats, and food being stolen from the refrigerator. While one might be able to chalk these incidents up to the work of predatory animals or local ne'er-do-wells, the Mathura family claims that they have actually seen the supernatural creature before their very eyes.

The being is described by Mathura's son as a "short fat man with a fat face, big hair and big ears" that "walks on his toes" and has his left hand on his right arm and vice versa. Both the young man and Mathura's wife say that the entity can appear and vanish at will, but it often talks to them despite being invisible. Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the buck's behavior so far is that it stole a picture of Jesus and a Bible from the family and chillingly told them that it was taking the items to its "boss."

As one can imagine, the family is thoroughly fed up with their unwanted houseguest and have tried all manner of 'magical' ways to get rid of it, including burning various ceremonial substances and fashioning a horned idol out of clay (seen above). Alas, nothing has worked so far and it seems that even a visit from a local pastor seemingly only served to confirm their fears. "I have seen a buck in Guyana," she revealed, "so I be­lieve them."

Having previously dealt with the mischievous entity before, the pastor stressed that the family must "stop play­ing with it by talk­ing about it and talk­ing to it. Just ig­nore it." Instead, she suggested that the Mathuras should assert their authority in the home and call on the Lord for help. While such advice may be easier to give than to follow, the family might be wise to heed the pastor's words and send a message to the entity that the buck stops here.


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