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Letter Claims Alcatraz Escapees Survived Infamous Prison Break

In a rather remarkable twist to a decades-old mystery, a San Francisco TV station has obtained a letter that may have been written by one of the infamous escapees from Alcatraz just a few years ago!

The daring 1962 prison break by brothers John and Clarence Anglin and fellow inmate Frank Morris baffled authorities and captured the imagination of the public thanks to the uncertain fate of the prisoners.

Although it was widely believed that the trio perished in the frigid waters surrounding the prison, rumors and theories suggesting that their escape was successful have persisted for years.

And now a stunning letter written to the San Francisco police department in 2013 seems to confirm these suspicions.

The missive, revealed to the public by TV station KPIX this week, was purportedly written by escapee John Anglin and shares details about what became of the trio after their prison break.

According to the author, who boasts "yes, we all made it that night but barely," his fellow escapees passed away in 2008 and 2011, leaving him as the sole survivor from the epic event.

The person claiming to be Anglin laments that his days may be numbered as well, since he has been stricken with cancer and is "in bad shape."

Amazingly, he offers to turn himself in to police provided that he "go to jail for no more than a year and get medical attention."

Unfortunately, an examination of the letter by the FBI found no fingerprints or DNA and a handwriting analysis proved to be inconclusive, making the missive yet another loose end in the notorious cold case.

Sadly, if the letter was really written by John Anglin and he was very sick in 2013, it stands to reason that he probably died at some point in the years afterwards, taking the trios tale of their post-Alcatraz life to the grave with him.

Source: KPIX


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