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Listen: Eerie 'Demon Voice' Recorded in Hospital Hallway

By Tim Binnall

A mother in England was left shaken after she noticed an unsettling 'demon voice' on a video that she took while walking down an empty hallway in a hospital. The strange footage was reportedly captured when Katherine Lawrence and her two-year-old daughter visited the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital last week. After going through the wrong entrance at the facility, the pair found themselves lost in a long, dark hallway inside the hospital.

Marveling at the creepy nature of the setting, which reminded her of the horror film Silent Hill, Lawrence took out her cell phone and took several pictures as well a handful of videos. When she got home and looked at the footage, she was unnerved by one particular clip which seems to feature an inexplicable and rather creepy voice that can be heard at around six seconds into the video above.

Baffled by the bizarre anomaly, she subsequently posted it to her Facebook page and declared to her friends "this is really freaking me out!" Lawrence insists that, aside from her daughter, the hallway as well as the adjacent rooms were empty when the duo were there. She also noted that the pair didn't hear anything out of the ordinary during their jaunt through the hospital.

As to what the voice may be saying, some attentive listeners have suggested that it is a rather rude request that someone "pull the curtains." That said, as is often the case with potential EVPs, the precise message is largely open to interpretation and can serve as something of a paranormal Rorschach test. With that in mind, what do you think the weird voice is saying and, perhaps more importantly, could it have come from a ghost? Share your best guest at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.


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