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Listen: Mysterious Hum Recorded in Sweden

By Tim Binnall

A puzzling piece for footage from Sweden features a mysterious humming sound that was said to have reverberated through the air for an astounding 45 minutes. The eerie scene was filmed by a man named Rene Krupinksi back in December, but only recently caught the attention of paranormal enthusiasts online. According to the bewildered witness, he noticed the odd sound while in northern Sweden at what looks to be a snow-covered mountaintop.

In Krupinski's description of the event, he says that the humming noise was constant and seemed to almost vibrate the air. Although he expressed certainty that the hum was coming from the sky, Krupinski conceded that he couldn't quite determine from which direction it was emanating as it appeared to be coming from every direction. He also noted that he has visited the location before and that it is "usually a very quiet place," which made the odd hum all the more mystifying. Eventually, after nearly an hour, he says, the noise dissipated as if it had "moved somewhere else."

The sound heard by Krupinski in Sweden may be connected to the larger mystery hum phenomenon which has been reported in various parts of the world in recent years. Theories for what may be causing these sounds range from the conspiratorial, such as clandestine military weaponry, to prosaic possibilities involving natural events surrounding the magnetic field of the Earth.

Coast Insiders can learn more about the mystery hum phenomenon by checking out the 2/9/2016 edition of C2C featuring researcher Dr. Glen MacPherson. And, if you're not a Coast Insider yet and are wondering what you might be missing, you can listen to the first hour of that particular program for free here.


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