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Listen: Mystery Music is an Interstate Annoyance

By Tim Binnall

Residents in a number of northern New Jersey towns along the Delaware River say that they are being tormented by mysterious music wafting across the water and keeping them up at night. The odd acoustic annoyance was reportedly first noticed during the summer on sporadic occasions and, in recent weeks, has become almost a nightly nuisance. One agitated witness to the weird sound vividly described it as a "sickening pulsing heartbeat" that "came straight through our front porch to the back of our home in the kitchen."

According to the unfortunate individuals forced to endure this strange mystery, the music has been known to play from the early evening until well into the morning, sometimes mere hours before dawn. One industrious resident was even able to capture the sound, which you can hear in the video above, and it is both eerie in its ghost-like nature as well as incredibly maddening in that it consists of a lot of muffled words that are impossible to decipher. To that end, we can't decide which would be more frustrating, having to hear the music all night or not knowing the words.

Regardless, after weeks of hearing the music at all hours of the night, angry residents finally turned to the authorities to restore silence to their lives. However, it seems that, as is often the case with these mysteries, cops are equally stumped in their search for the source of the sound. They've even dispatched officers to the other side of the river into the state of Delaware in an attempt to locate the music's origin, but they've come up empty handed. Meanwhile, police in that jurisdiction say that they also have no idea what might be producing the sound.

That's not to say that there are not theories, though, as a number of possible suspects have been put forward by people suffering through the sound. Among the possible places suggested for producing the music are a barge on the water or people showcasing the sound system of their cars and unknowingly torturing residents living across the river. Hopefully with word getting out about the mystery sound, whoever is behind it will turn the volume down so that their neighbors in New Jersey can get some sleep.

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