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Lloyd Pye Transcript

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Researcher of the Starchild skull, Lloyd Pye(1) (pictured), was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat on Tuesday night. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript(3).
Please give us some insight into the Starchild Project.
Lloyd Pye
The Starchild Project is a nearly seven-year-long effort to find out exactly, in Otzi-like detail, what the Starchild skull is and is not.
What is the latest on the Star Child research? Any new discoveries?
Lloyd Pye
We're working now on trying to get an evaluation of the brain. We have a virtual endocast that will be evaluated by a specialist when he returns from vacation.
Lloyd: What sparked your interest in the beginning for the current field of research?
Lloyd Pye
When I studied hominoids, I soon figured out it was their bones that comprised the so-called prehumans. Once I knew that much, I began to try to figure out what we actually were.
What form of intervention do you believe touches most of our lives? and how do we know it's happened?
Lloyd Pye
Genetic intervention, without question. And we know it happened because traces of it are shot through our genome, starting with our second and third chromosomes, which are fused, if you can believe that.
How did you become the keeper of the Starchild skull?
Lloyd Pye
The owners heard I knew something about skulls, so they asked to show one to me. When I told them I thought it was unique, they asked if I would try to find out what it was. I told them I would, expecting it to take no more than six months. Here I am, nearly seven years later.
How old is the skull?
Lloyd Pye
900 years, plus or minus 40 years. The exact same age, by the way, as the human skull found with it. So we're pretty sure the story of how they were found is legitimate.
How did that name come to be attached to the skull?
Lloyd Pye
A stupid blunder on my part. We were told from the start that it was a child because a piece of maxilla with it had teeth impacted above the teeth that were down. That usually means a child, so we called it "Starchild" to get attention in the UFO community. However, it has killed us with scientists.
Have you looked at the skulls of Peru?
Lloyd Pye
Yes, the Coneheads are every bit as weird as the Starchild and deserve detailed analysis. Their brains average twice the size of ours.
Has there been any DNA analysis done on the Starchild skill?
Lloyd Pye
Yes. The mitochondrial DNA came up quite easily and is human, which is expected if it is a human alien hybrid. However, it's nuclear DNA, which we need to know about both of its parents, is mysteriously unable to be recovered by primers aimed at human DNA.
How do we know that this skull is not of a human being from Earth that had a deformity?
Lloyd Pye
We don't know that for sure yet, that's why we're trying to find out what it is. But everything we've done up to this point seems to strongly indicate it's not entirely human.
Where and when was the skull found ?
Lloyd Pye
Found around 1930 in a mineshaft near a small village in Mexico about 100 miles southwest of Chihuahua, not far from the Copper Canyon area.
What do "debunkers" say the skull is?
Lloyd Pye
Virtually all scientists who deal with it have no choice but to say that human deformity leaves room for absolutely ANY confluence of weirdness, so they insist it MUST be some kind of "natural" deformity.
Any new insight as to what that red substance is that was found inside the skull?
Lloyd Pye
No, nor of the "fibers" found there, too. The problem is that as yet we have no protocols in place for recovering such small entities and then testing them. Enough money would produce results, but we are habitually and chronically short of funds to do what really needs to be done with this skull.
When you were on Coast recently you talked about the second and third chromosomes being fused. Why haven't we ever heard about this before from any other source?
Lloyd Pye
Because it's horribly embarrassing to the scientists who have to explain it in any Darwinian context. Nature simply doesn't have the capacity to do something like that, it can only be done in a genetics lab, so that is something best left undiscussed by science.
Do you believe that alien beings bred with the natives and this is what was produced?
Lloyd Pye
That is certainly one possibility. Or, the egg of a human can be "fixed" so it can accommodate the sperm of an alien in a test tube. I don't see any limitations on anyone who understands genetics and can manipulate it for their own means.

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