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Lost 'UFO Debris' Found in British Museum Archive

Lost 'UFO Debris' Found in British Museum Archive

Pieces of an alleged flying saucer said to have crashed in England six decades ago have been found sitting in the archive of a science museum in London.

Dubbed 'Britain's Roswell' until the Rendlesham Forest incident usurped the title in later years, the 1957 event centered around the discovery of an anomalous cylindrical object purportedly seen falling from the sky and landing in a moor.

The story got even weirder when the oddity was cracked open and a book written in a code likened to hieroglyphics was allegedly found.

Adding another layer of strangeness to the story, one local resident claimed to have translated the mysterious book and declared that it was a message from ETs that cautioned "you will improve or disappear."

Despite this sensational series of events, the 'Silpho UFO' seemingly fell off the proverbial radar after metallurgists examined the debris and determined that it wasn't particularly unusual.

And, at some point in the ensuing years, the object essentially disappeared, leaving UFO researchers in the UK to wonder what became of the infamous 'flying saucer' and the materials it contained.

This, as one might expect, led to a number of conspiracy theories suggesting that the debris was spirited away by clandestine forces intent on hiding the truth about UFOs.

However, as luck would have it, pieces of the object were recently uncovered in the archive of London's Science Museum.

Contained within a tin cigarette box were a number of fragments from the object wrapped in pieces of paper.

Paperwork filed with the materials indicates that they had been sent to the museum for testing and, after nothing notable was found, they were simply shelved and forgotten.

What will become of the Silpho UFO fragments now that they have been found remains to be seen, but hopefully they can be displayed to the public alongside a recounting of the remarkable tale from the height of the flying saucer craze.

Source: The Telegraph

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