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Maine Man Saves 'Squirrel King'

A man in Bangor, Maine is being heralded as a hero after saving four baby squirrels that had somehow gotten their tails caught together.

Andrew Day noticed a bizarre ball of fur while gazing out the window of his parents' house and rushed outside to investigate the oddity.

When he reached the scene, he realized that he had stumbled upon a 'squirrel king,' which is a rare natural phenomenon where the rodents' tails become entangled.

Fortunately for the largely immobilized animals, Day not only kept them safe from a nearby cat that had been eyeing the easy prey, he also called animal control so that they could free the helpless squirrels.

However, after finding out that it would take around an hour before anyone could arrive, Day and his dad decided to save the squirrel king themselves!

The two men proceeded to capture the creatures, perform a makeshift grooming of their tangled tails that lasted 90 minutes, and ultimately separate the squirrels successfully.

Aside from the accolades of animal lovers, Day can also now say that he saved a squirrel king, which is a truly awesome claim to fame.

Source: Bangor Daily News

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