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Malaysian Mystic Makes Bizarre MH370 Claim

Malaysian Mystic Makes Bizarre MH370 Claim

A self-proclaimed shaman in Malaysia says that he knows where infamous Flight MH370 went and when it will return!

Ibrahim Mat Zin claims to have been protecting his home country for the last seven decades by way of mystical rituals that create a spiritual 'fence' which wards off any attack by land, sea, or air.

However it is his most recent 'work' that has drawn the attention of his fellow Malaysians as he attempts to get to the bottom of the MH370 mystery.

Using unorthodox methods involving coconut juggling and bamboo telescopes, the mystic believes he has determined the fate of the doomed flight.

In a recent interview about his search for the lost aircraft, Mat Zin shared a stunning revelation.

"The plane is in a parallel realm," he declared, "it will be missing for 25 years before it returns."

According to the witchdoctor, the passengers aboard the plane could still be alive due to time differences between the two dimensions, explaining that "the air is different, a month is like a day to them."

As one might expect, his pronouncements have been met with derision from his fellow Malaysians and condemnation from Islamic religious leaders who says that his mystical practices are forbidden.

Although the 86-year-old mystic is unlikely to see if his critics are correct, we should know whether he is right sometime in 2039.

Until then, Coast Insiders can learn more about the case of MH370 by checking out Richard Belzer's 3/10/2015 appearance on the program, where he discussed Someone is Hiding Something, the book he co-authored with George Noory about the case.

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Source: Malaysia Chronicle

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