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Man Accused of Vandalizing Cemetery in Attempt to Resurrect His Grandmother

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By Tim Binnall

A Tennessee man is accused of causing a staggering $30,000 in damage to a cemetery in what he told police was a bid to resurrect his late grandmother. The bizarre incident reportedly occurred on Monday evening when cops in the city of Knoxville responded to a call about some vandalism at a church cemetery. When they arrive on the scene, they discovered several broken gravestones as well as numerous puzzling holes that had been dug in the ground.

Fortunately, it did not take long for cops to crack the case as they were quickly led by a witness to a man named Danny Frazier. When questioned by police, he promptly admitted that he had been behind the brazen act of vandalism and offered a rather strange reason for what he had done. According to Frazier, his actions had actually come from an altruistic place as he was trying to resurrect his grandmother, who passed away eight years earlier and is buried at the cemetery.

While authorities presumably understood the pain of missing a lost love one, the long arm of the law was understandably less forgiving and Frazier was subsequently charged with felony counts of vandalism and trespassing. Making matter worse, it would appear that the man's attempt to bring his grandmother back to the realm of the living proved futile, costing him what would have been a valuable character witness at his trial. That said, one assumes that Frazier's resurrected meemaw would not have been too thrilled with the damage he did to the cemetery, so perhaps it's for the best that she continues to rest in peace.


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