Man Arrested After Calling 911 About an Ax-Wielding Sasquatch on the Attack

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By Tim Binnall

In a bizarre story out of Oregon, a man claims that he was attacked by a Sasquatch armed with an ax! According to a local media report, Timothy Drennan frantically phoned Klamath County 911 earlier this week to report that someone wielding the worrisome weapon was trying to assault him. Seemingly fearing for his life, authorities say, the man was screaming, swearing, and threatening the emergency dispatcher.

However, when cops arrived on the scene, Drennan's account of the incident took a rather strange turn. According to police, it was then that the man revealed that it was not a person who had attacked him, but a Sasquatch. Unfortunately, as you may have surmised by now since we'd otherwise be telling you a very different story, the legendary cryptid was nowhere to be found and, it seems, Drennan offered no other details about his encounter such as why, exactly, Bigfoot tried to attack him with an ax.

Despite being in the heart of Sasquatch country, the police apparently did not believe Drennan's story, perhaps because he was allegedly able to escape the ax-wielding creature unscathed, and they subsequently arrested him for filing a false report and improperly using 911. Making matters worse for the man, it's likely that the only way for him to beat the charges would be to produce the offending Sasquatch at trial. And, considering the difficulties that cryptozoologists have faced when it comes to capturing the creature to date, we're doubtful that Drennan will be able to nab the star witness in his case.


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