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Man Who Vanished Leaves Bizarre Voicemail Behind

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Providing an update on his research into baffling disappearances, investigator David Paulides told C2C about a strange numbers of cases where a person vanishes while they are on the phone!

"What they say is completely bizarre," he marveled, "sometimes they'll say 'where are you? I need you here now.' ... boom, the phone goes dead."

The unfortunate callers, Paulides said, are later found dead under mysterious circumstances.

He shared one particularly compelling case of this phenomenon involving a Minnesota man named Henry McCabe.

According to Paulides, McCabe was out one night with some friends and, on the way home, decided to get dropped off at a gas station for something to eat and then walk home.

Only a few minutes after he was left at the store, his wife received a phone call, but it went to her voicemail.

In recounting what the message said, McCabe's wife recalled that it sounded like her husband was injured and, during the call, someone was recorded saying "stop it."

Eerily, Paulides said, the voicemail also included "a series of moans, growls, and groans that are out of this world strange."

After Henry failed to return home, his wife and the authorities searched for him throughout the area, but the man was nowhere to be found.

Two months later, however, the body of Henry McCabe was found in a lake and his death was ruled a fresh water drowning.

Coast Insiders can hear the complete conversation with David Paulides where he detailed a number of these incredibly puzzling disappearances.

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