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'Mars World' Attraction Planned for Las Vegas

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Aspiring astronauts and space enthusiasts tired of waiting for mankind to journey to Mars may soon be able to experience the Red Planet from right here on Earth.

'Mars World' is a proposed "immersive experience" backed by a group of investors hoping to build the attraction in Las Vegas by 2021.

The complex would allow visitors to experience life in a Martian colony, complete with one-quarter of Earth's gravity and the rudimentary trappings one might expect from an early outpost on the Red Planet.

"What we're doing is not science fiction. It's science future," designer John Spencer told Space.com.

Despite an estimated cost of $2 billion dollars, the group behind 'Mars World' is optimistic that they will be able to find the funding for the project.

They point to Las Vegas' thriving tourist economy, the unique nature of the attraction, and the public's fascination with Mars as key elements which will come together to make the complex a success.

Amazingly, the 'Mars World' team says that admission to the attraction will be free and that costs will be paid for by merchandise and other ancillary sources of revenue.

Future visitors to the site may want to keep an eye on their fellow tourists because there's always the chance they could spot a homesick Martian in the mix.

Source: Space.com


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