'Mass Possession' Grips Jamaican School

A concerned mother in Jamaica claims her daughter has been possessed by a demon and says that several children at her school have also been attacked by the evil spirit.

In an unsettling video, Audrey Smith and a companion attempt to exorcise the demon from her 11-year-old daughter as the child thrashes about and shrieks.

Smith contends that six other children from her daughter's school have also become afflicted with the same strange behavior.

Members of the community believe that the mass possession was conjured by nearby construction that inadvertently unearthed a number of graves.

According to Smith, strange events began happening since that time, including a teacher who tried to determine what was wrong with the children and, when questioning one, felt a disembodied hand grasp his neck.

Although Smith and parents in the area may believe that the odd events are the work of the devil, experts will no doubt suggest that the multiple 'possessions' are actually just a case of mass hysteria gripping the school.

While that may be the case, it is likely to be of little consolation to the parents of the children overcome by the unnerving transformation.

For their sake, we hope that a solution to the strange fits can be found sooner rather than later, since raising a tween is already difficult enough without a demon in the mix.

Source: Mirror

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