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'Mass Possession' Grips School in Colombia

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A strange incident at a school in Colombia saw several students suddenly become possessed by what some worried were 'evil spirits.'

During the unsettling event, which occurred in the town of Palomino, some children inexplicably started fainting while other thrashed about and screamed.

According to the mother of one victim, the young girl "felt something make a sound inside her body" and was then knocked to the ground by a blow to the chest from an unseen force.

Once on the floor, the child the unleashed the unnerving declaration, "I will kill them," which no doubt only increased the terror being felt by everyone as the weirdness unfolded.

How the event concluded seems uncertain, but blurry video footage from the school seems to suggest that the immobilized children were removed from the school and, hopefully, given some kind of medical attention.

Meanwhile, concerned parents from the school are said to have now turned to the local church in the hopes that someone from there can provide some spiritual guidance on how to ensure that their children are safe and that whatever afflicted them will not come back.

Source: Daily Mail


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