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Massive Cache of JFK Assassination Files Released

Massive Cache of JFK Assassination Files Released

Presidential historians and conspiracy theorists received quite the summer reading list yesterday when the National Archives released thousands of documents concerning the JFK assassination.

In total, the agency posted a whopping 3,810 CIA and FBI files of which an amazing 441 have never been seen by the public.

The remaining 3,369 files, constituting about 88% of the document dump, had previously been released albeit with redactions that have now been declassified.

Additionally, the archive has posted seventeen audio files featuring interviews with a KGB defector who claimed to have been tasked with watching Lee Harvey Oswald when he traveled to Russia prior to the assassination.

This week's monstrous release may be just the start of what could be a flood of JFK files forthcoming from the agency as another 3,000 documents that remain classified are due to be made available by October, pending approval from President Trump.

While scholars contend that the newly-released files likely do not contain a 'smoking gun' that will solve the case once and for all, one suspects that conspiracy researchers who have tirelessly pored over the minutiae of the assassination for decades will put that assertion to the test.

Source: Boston Globe

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