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Massive Mysterious Stick Structures Concern Forest Officials in NM

Officials from the Santa Fe National Forest are sounding the alarm over strange stick structures that keep being built at the site.

According to a spokesperson with the Forest Service, the odd, conical-shaped collections have been appearing with increasing frequency over the last few weeks, leaving authorities both mystified and concerned.

Their worry is that these wooden structures, which sometimes measure an astounding two or three stories tall and boast a diameter of up to twenty feet, are a massive fire hazard.

Noting that they are reminiscent in shape to what one would use to build a campfire and signs of burned wood have been found inside of them, suggesting that it may only be a matter of time before one such structure sparks an inferno.

Additionally, they have expressed concern over the possibility that the wooden 'forts,' which sometimes sport thousands of sticks, could collapse onto someone and severely injure them.

As to who has been building the structures, officials concede that they are stumped by that as well as the motivation behind the makeshift forts.

Although the likely culprit for this kind of foolhardy endeavor seems to be bored teenagers, more imaginative individuals have proposed that the structures are some kind of Sasquatch-built shelters.

Should that be the case, one can only imagine how Bigfoot might feel about the Forest Service announcing that they plan to destroy any structures they find in order to protect the public.

And, if the legendary cryptid really is behind the odd phenomenon, we're guessing that officials will be hard-pressed when it comes to enforcing the $5,000 fine for illegally building on federal land.

Source: KOB4

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