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Massive Python Bagged in Florida

Massive Python Bagged in Florida

A trio of hunters working to reduce Florida's worrisome python population bagged a monstrous 17-foot-long serpent that is the stuff of nightmares.

Jason Leon and a pair of cohorts took down the monstrous snake late last week while taking part in the state's ominous-sounding 'Python Elimination Program.'

The endeavor, which pays snake hunters both an hourly wage and a bonus for big catches, is aimed at eradicating what is seen as an out-of-control problem plaguing the Everglades

The invasive animals, which have been allowed to essentially slither free in Florida because they are the top of the proverbial food chain, are blamed for wiping out native wildlife in the region due to their insatiable appetite.

This particular python, which weighed a whopping 132 pounds, netted Leon and his fellow hunters a bounty of $375 dollars due to its record-breaking length.

Lest one feel bad for the Burmese python that ran afoul of the hunters, consider the plight of the critters who call the Everglades homes and would never stand a chance should they encounter the creature.

Source: NBC6 Miami

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