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Massive Shark Washes Ashore in Maine

By Tim Binnall

A crew of fishermen in Maine could not believe their eyes when they discovered an enormous dead shark that had washed ashore onto a beach. According to a local media report, the monstrous fish was found on Tuesday afternoon in the community of Bremen. Measuring a whopping 26-feet-long, the mighty creature was determined to be a basking shark, which is the second-largest species of fish in the world.

Astounded witness Tanner Fields captured photos and footage of the fishing crew marveling at the jaw-dropping creature. Researchers from the state's Department of Marine Resources say that they are uncertain as to what caused the shark's demise, but took several samples from the fish for study purposes and, presumably, to figure out what killed it. Remarkably, while the giant creature looks rather imposing, it's actually considered a rather gentle denizen of the deep and is not known to pose any threat to humans.


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