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Mayan Relics & Ancient Animal Remains Found in Underwater Cave

A newly-discovered underwater cave in Mexico has yielded an array of amazing Mayan relics and ancient animal remains.

At a press conference on Monday, Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History unveiled some of the discoveries made during a recent scuba expedition into the cave.

Extinct beasts like the giant sloth and an elephant-like creature known as a gomphotheres as well as bear species which roamed the Earth over two million years ago were among the animal remains documented by the divers.

In addition to these finds were an assortment of objects produced by humans such as ceramics, artwork, and bones.

It is believed that the site was of critical importance during times of difficult drought, since it would be one of the few places in the area which could provide water.

At the event showcasing the research, sub-aquatic archaeologist Guillermo de Anda noted that the materials found in the cave are incredibly well-preserved and that the underwater nature of the site makes it unlike anything in the world.

Source: PhysOrg


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