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Meat Mystery Baffles Florida Family

A family in Florida woke up to a head-scratching scene on Saturday morning when they discovered that packages of meat had fallen from the sky onto the roof of their home!

The strange mystery began as many such cases do: with a booming sound in the middle of the night that the Adair family likened to the cacophony of thunder.

When they looked outside the next morning, the family discovered two packages containing Italian sausage meat sitting in the grass on a side yard of the house.

This led them to conclude that the out-of-place meat was probably connected to the commotion that occurred during the night and their suspicions were confirmed when they found three more packages of the mystery meat on their roof.

In total, the Adairs counted a whopping 15 pounds of meat that had mysteriously appeared on and around their home during the night.

Compounding the weirdness of the incident, the meat was wrapped in packaging which bore the name of an Alabama land-clearing company who, when contacted, had no idea why their business' name was stamped on the wrapper.

Therefore, the origin of the meat is as much an enigma as how it ended up seemingly dropping out of the air above the Adair home.

The prevalent theory from the family is that it somehow was dropped from a plane, although even that does not explain the strange labeling for the meat.

Another possibility, that it was part of an odd drug deal that went awry, also does not seem to be the case as a check of the meat yielded no signs of narcotics nor drugs.

For now, the Adairs are left with more questions than answers and simply hope that they are not left to forever wonder what exactly happened the night that their home was hit by meat plummeting from the sky.

Source: WPLG Orlando


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