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Men Flee Village in India Due to Fears of a 'Female Ghost'

Men Flee Village in India Due to Fears of a 'Female Ghost'

A tiny village in India has been nearly abandoned as tales of a murderous female ghost have led all of the men to flee the community.

Home to a mere 60 families, the village of Kasiguda has been gripped by a bizarre panic following the death of three men over the course of the last few months.

It would appear that their demise occurred under mysterious circumstances, because stories have circulated throughout the village that they fell victim to a female ghost that only attacks men.

Incredibly, in response to the rumors, the male members of the small community have reportedly left the village fearing for their lives.

It is said that the only remaining residents in Kasiguda are women who are also seemingly worried about the spirit, since they purportedly only venture outside of their homes at night.

Considering the hysteria which has swept through India in recent months about a 'hair-cutting' ghost that targets women, one can't help but wonder if the 'man-hating' spirit is some kind of karmic response.

Should that be the case, it's quite telling that the female spirit caused the men of Kasiguda to run away from the village rather than join together to protect their community as has been the case with the 'hair-cutter' cases.

How the wives of Kasiguda will respond to the husbands' lack of chivalry remains to be seen as they have yet to return to the village, but we suspect that when they do, they'll probably wind up sleeping on the couch for a while.

Source: Daily Mail

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