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Menacing 'Mystery Creature' Seen Eating a Duck at a Lake in the UK

Residents of a town in England are keeping a close eye on their pets after a mysterious 'sea creature' was spotted snagging and eating ducks at a local pond!

According to the witness who spotted the gruesome encounter, an unidentified animal lurking in the man-made lake known as Charnwood Waters in the town of Loughborough pulled the unfortunate water foul down beneath the surface for a snack.

Unfortunately, the aghast observer only managed to snap a rather ambiguous picture of the predator, which appeared to be about four feet long and seemed to resemble a snake.

Whatever the creature may be, it was apparently quite hungry as it easily snagged an unsuspecting duck for dinner while the astounded witnesses watched from the shore.

Considering that the body of water is a reservoir and, therefore, unlikely to contain some kind of prehistoric beast that survived to this day, informed observers speculate that the creature could be an aggressive giant pike.

That may not quell the concerns of residents as such a fish, should it grow to a larger size, could easily feast on a dog or some other household animal that finds itself unlucky enough to encounter the creature.

With that in mind, people walking their dogs around the Charnwood Waters are advised to watch their pets closely lest they fall victim to what is now being called the 'Lough Ness Monster.'

Source: Daily Star


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