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Mexican Police Find Tiger Cub in Express Mail Package

Mexican Police Find Tiger Cub in Express Mail Package

Mexican authorities checking packages for contraband materials discovered that someone had attempted to send a tiger cub in the mail!

The weird find was made at a bus station in the city of Jalisco when police sniffer dogs picked up something unusual about one particular parcel.

When officials opened the express mail box, they were stunned to see a baby Bengal tiger inside of a plastic container.

Fortunately, the miscreants who mailed the package had poked holes in the carrier bin so that the little cat, who had been sedated, could breathe.

That said, the cub was reportedly dehydrated and malnourished at the time of discovery, but is now on the road to recovery at a wildlife rescue center.

Perhaps the most mindboggling detail surrounding the story is that this was not a case of clandestine animal poaching.

According to police, the tiger cub was legally registered in Mexico, suggesting that the incident was the result of someone misguided enough to think that sending the animal through the mail was a good idea.

Their inhumane attempt to avoid the trouble of transporting the tiger themselves has, thankfully, earned them animal cruelty charges and, no doubt, raised eyebrows from the next relative who receives a birthday package in the mail from them.

Source: UPI

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