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Michigan Congressional Candidate Claims to be a 'Government Psychic'

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By Tim Binnall

A man running for a seat in the House of Representatives claims to have a most unusual occupation: government psychic. Kevin Seamon reportedly made the odd disclosure in an announcement of his candidacy in the 94th District race, to be held in 2020, this week. In the statement, he explained that he had been forced to keep his work a secret when he previously ran for office, but has apparently now been given permission from the 'powers that be.'

According to Seamon, he boasts the military title of "Sr. Commander Commando Legionnaire" and he is based out of Saginaw, Michigan. Beyond that, he revealed that "I am also Federal Agent White Knight 196. James Bond is 007. I am 196. I am a Real Life Government Psychic." Speaking to an area newspaper about the strange disclosure, Seaman indicated that the statement was his attempt at "come out in the open about what I do."

Unfortunately, the aspiring state representative did not provide any additional insight into what, exactly, it is that he does as a purported government psychic, but we're guessing it involves some kind of espionage. While one might think that being a clandestine clairvoyant for the feds would provide Seamon with some truly fantastic ideas for improving his community, his platform is actually fairly run-of-the-mill as it focuses on the usual issues surrounding the economy, education, and crime.

As he alluded to in his announcement, this is not Seamon's first attempt at being elected to office, having lost in a race for the same seat he is running for now back in 2016. This, of course, begs the question of how an ostensibly well-vetted and rigorously tested psychic who wound up displaying such powers that he became employed by the government so that they could harness his abilities could have not foreseen that the election two years ago was an exercise in futility.


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