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For his 3/14/2021 show appearance, Mike Paterson shares photos from his Sasquatch investigations in Ontario, Canada. View related video here. Pictured above: Sasquatch handprint on the hood of a car.

2) 17-inch print made within five minutes of arrival.

3) Sasquatch hand marks (juvenile and young adult) showing the oily residue from their skin.

4) Structure with an orb.

5) Photo of Sasquatch (left), compared to Paterson's height of 6 feet (right).

6) Sasquatch trackway showing three prints in a tightrope pattern.

7) Young Sasquatch footprint.

8) 16-inch print cast in snow, showing four inches of growth in eight years.

9) 17-inch print cast in snow.

10) Sasquatch print in snow, compared to Paterson's size 10 foot.

11) Sasquatch watching.

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