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'Miracle' Blood Failure Sparks Fears

'Miracle' Blood Failure Sparks Fears

A centuries-old vial of blood from the patron saint of Naples may have issued an ominous warning for next year.

According to tradition, the usually-dry blood of Saint Januarius turns to liquid in a miraculous fashion on three specific dates a year and has performed the feat since 1389.

While the Catholic Church does not recognize the recurring transformation of the blood as an official miracle, many others do and a recent turn of events has drawn their concern.

Officials at the chapel where the relic is kept announced that the blood did not liquefy last week, failing to complete the trifecta for 2016.

This is being seen by some as a worrisome sign for next year as it is believed that the lack of liquefaction portends dire events like wars and disasters are about to unfold.

Those who believe in the predictive power of the blood point to the handful of times it has failed to liquefy and what happened in those years, such as the start of World War II and a devastating earthquake.

In response the rare event and how it may be interpreted by some, an official with the chapel in Naples said, "we must not think of disasters and calamities. We are men of faith and we must pray."

So if you were thinking that things couldn't get worse in 2017 than they were this past year, it appears that Saint Januarius may beg to differ.

Source: The Week

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