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Mom Busts Baby Monitor 'Ghost'

Mom Busts Baby Monitor 'Ghost'

By Tim Binnall

A mother in North Carolina got quite the scare when she thought that the baby monitor watching over her children had filmed a ghost, but it turned out that the 'spirit' had a less-than-spooky source. The weird incident reportedly took place earlier this month when Leila Livingston was preparing to go out for the night and, in the process, sat her youngsters on the couch and put on their favorite movie, The Lion King, so that they would sit quietly while she got ready.

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly until Livingston checked the baby monitor and noticed that there was a mysterious woman sitting on an adjacent couch and intently watching her children. The mortified mom quickly ran into the living room, but when the eerie stranger had seemingly vanished. Recounting the tale on Facebook, Livingston wrote, "naturally, I assumed it was a ghost and I caught it on my camera!" She subsequently caller her mother to share the unsettling news that there was apparently a ghost in her home.

However, when Livingston went to show her mother the creepy visitor, she realized the true origin of the ghost. "Somehow my iPad went from the camera’s live view to a clip that was recorded earlier," she explained, "it was me. I was the ghost on the couch." While she later looked back on the strange misunderstanding with a laugh, the shaken mom noted that, in the moment, it was "the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life." Livingston's amusing 'ghost' sighting comes on the heels of a similar 'spirit' that was spotted on a baby monitor last month and went viral.

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