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Mom Spots Son's Ghost on Home Security System?

By Tim Binnall

A grieving mother in Atlanta was stunned when her home security system was seemingly triggered by an appearance from the spirit of her late son. The eerie moment reportedly occurred last week while Jennifer Hodge was watching television with her daughter and was alerted by her phone that something was amiss in their home. According to their security system, an intruder had entered the kitchen and set off the camera.

Their initial concern quickly gave way to astonishment when they looked at the phone and spotted what appeared to be an apparition standing in the kitchen. Making the anomaly all the more remarkable, Hodge said, is that the ghostly figure bore an uncanny resemblance to her son who passed away two years ago. Throwing caution to the wind, the mother and daughter dashed off to the kitchen to investigate the situation and were mystified when they saw that there was no one in the room.

For their part, Hodge is certain that the spooky incident was the spirit of her departed son making a visit to the family's home as a way of saying goodbye. While skeptics may say that the heartbroken mother's opinion is merely wishful thinking, it's noteworthy that something in the kitchen had to have set off the camera and, considering that, the timing of the figure appearing in the room is decidedly curious. What's your take on the image? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page

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