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'Monster Hunt' Results in Tragic Death

'Monster Hunt' Results in Tragic Death

An Ohio woman visiting Louisville for a paranormal event died tragically when she was struck by a train while looking for an infamous local cryptid.

Roquel Bain and her boyfriend made the trip to Kentucky to take part in a ghost tour of the Waverly Hills Sanitarium.

Their plans included an impromptu and unfortunate addition when they heard the tale of the 'Pope Lick Monster,' an alleged goat man that lurks beneath a train trestle in the area.

Intrigued by the story, the couple opted to investigate the purported domain of the monster before their scheduled ghost hunt that night.

While traveling along the trestle at around dusk, they found themselves stuck on the bridge with an oncoming train heading towards them.

With no time to escape, Bain's boyfriend managed to scramble over the side of the trestle and hang on until the train passed.

However, Bain was struck by the train and knocked off the trestle, falling nearly 90 feet down to the ground where she subsequently died.

Although the county coroner said that Bain's death was the first case of someone dying while looking for the monster, it eerily coincides with an urban legend surrounding the creature.

Some say that the Pope Lick Monster lures people to the location, where they are killed after being struck by a train.

With Bain's death turning the urban legend into a gruesome reality of sorts, perhaps the tragic turn of events will dissuade others from exploring the dangerous location in search of the monster.

Source: Courier Journal / CryptoZoo News

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