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Monstrous Swimming Centipede Discovered

A nightmarish new species of centipede has been found in Thailand and its remarkable amphibious nature has stunned scientists.

The unnerving creature, dubbed Scolopendra cataracta, was inadvertently discovered by an entomologist while on his honeymoon in Thailand.

While casually overturning rocks to see if he could spot some interesting native insects, George Beccaloni was amazed when he uncovered a gruesome-looking centipede that quickly dashed into a nearby stream.

Beccaloni's new wife was no doubt thrilled when he pursued the centipede into the water and captured it.

Upon his return to London, the entomologist showed the centipede to experts at the city's Natural History Museum, who confirmed that the insect was an incredibly unique specimen.

The amphibious oddity is the first such insect of its kind to be discovered as all other centipede species are land-dwelling creatures.

At approximately eight inches long and boasting a venomous bite, the newfound centipede is an unsettling example of how nature still contains a bevy of surprises waiting to be discovered.

It's also the last thing any swimmer would want to encounter while taking a casual dip to cool down this summer.

Source: National Geographic


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