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Moon Mysteries

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Tonight's guest Bart Sibrel is one of a number of individuals who believes the 1969 moon landing was staged. While the debate continues on this controversial assertion, the moon itself has been the subject of a number of mysterious reports over the years. Here is a sampling:

  • Unidentified Lights-- For a number of centuries strange lights have been observed coming from the moon. In the early 19th century Sir John Herschel documented lights that appeared to be moving on the moon during an eclipse. Later in 1869, The Royal Astronomical Society of Great Britain conducted a three-year study of mysterious flashes when a number of sightings were noticed coming from one of the moon's craters. More recently, observations of glowing lights on our nearest neighbor have been dubbed "Transient Lunar Phenomenon" (TLP). One scientist speculated that TLP could be caused by gas escaping from fractures in the moon's craters. The lunar equivalent of the swamp gas theory?
  • Anomalous Objects-- Strange photo documentations depict objects on the moon that are hard to explain. Two such objects nicknamed "The Shard," and "The Tower" by Richard Hoagland, were seen in photos snapped by the Lunar Orbiter III. Hoagland's interpretation is that the tower-like structure ascends a staggering seven miles into the air, while the glass-like shard is 1.5 miles high.
  • UFOs-Reports have circulated over the years of moving crafts seen in or on the moon. For instance, it was reported in Timothy Good's book Above Top Secret that former NASA Chief of Communications Systems Maurice Chatelain said that Neil Armstrong viewed two UFOs resting on the rim of a crater. Another ex-NASA worker named Otto Binder attributed this unverified quote as coming from Neil Armstrong on that Apollo 11 mission: "These babies were huge, sir. enormous, Oh, God you wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other space-craft out there lined up on the far side of the crater edge. They're on the Moon watching us."

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